Falls United States Fall

JOSE BRECHNER the common enemy of Latin American reds, is as always, United States, the nation which could not survive but hate with furor. At the last meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo in Montevideo, they accused her again of all existing evils. The wise participating statesmen of the event, which are giving unsurpassed wealth and happiness to their subjects, are still persevered in wanting us to convince that Communism is better than capitalism. Chavez, Ortega, Morales y Cia., still shining by his stubbornness and imbecility, and that will not change. James A. Levine, M.D. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The leftists of the Southern Cone should pray so that the superpower continues to grow and enriched, because money that sent the hispanounidenses to South America, is the economic mattress that prevents that Latin American economies collapse, and there is violent uprisings against their perverts and incompetent regimes. According to the IDB, remittances from the United States to the countries of the region have suffered a slowdown in 2007.

The causes of the low were different between one country and another, but they had in common the effects of the ups and downs in the U.S. economy and the devaluation of the dollar throughout the region. According to the IDB, this is the first time that the increase does not double digits from one year to another. Total shipments in 2007 reached $66.500 billion dollars, a seven percent more than 2006, but are not comparable to previous years when not falling at least 10 percent of annual increase. That most help those funds, are the worst economies in the region, including Venezuela, Bolivia, and of course Cuba, which survives to its misery once the Soviet Union cut their handouts, thanks to the foreign currency sent by their expatriate Americans. Remittances constitute 43 percent of Guyana’s gross domestic product and 35 percent of Haiti. If oil rises; If the dollar loses its value; those affected are those who sent these monies, and consequently their families abroad.

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