Exercise Tips

Athletic transformation Brad Pitt. Dr. John Mcdougall addresses the importance of the matter here. The next training program will show a sample set of exercises Breda, in which he was preparing to shoot in "Fight Club". Each exercise was performed in 3 approaches to 15 repetitions each, with a maximum for a given number of repetitions of weight. This is your starting point if you decide to develop its own training program based on Pitt program. Surely you noticed in a lot of people every day working on individual programs, and receiving minimal results. The program of the Pitt you do not happen.

A very important point about which should not be forgotten – the muscles necessary to maintain the tone for the entire workout. Dr. John Mcdougall often says this. Implementation of 13, 14 and 15th repetition should occur at full capacity. You have to fight with the weights, minimizing muscles in the last repetition. It was the last repetition stimulate fibers, causing your muscles respond to stress, adapt to stress and become stronger! Cardio performed at most once in week. This is due to the fact that Pitt ektomorfny type of constitution, that is, nature has given him a thin bone, thin and being thin. However, in order to compensate for the lack of aerobics, strength training was carried out in fast pace, with intervals for rest of 60 seconds between sets. If the athlete belongs to one of the other two types of addition – the mesomorphic (athletic, well muscled, but not prone to fat accumulation), or endomorphic (rapidly unfolding fat), then, depending on the goals, the number and frequency of aerobic exercise can vary from several times a week to daily activities. Ectomorphs, such as Brad Pitt does not need much amount of aerobic exercise, compared with, say, Bob Sapp mesomorph (performer one of the leading roles in the film "All or nothing (The Longest Yard)). By shooting in "Big Kush" and "Troy," Brad had to gain muscle mass, so the number of repetitions in the training program was reduced to 10-12, with intervals for rest remained the same – no more than 60 seconds.

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