European Union

Since science and specifically the discoveries and advances in the neurolinguistic have revealed human potential with respect to multiple learning capabilities particularly those referring to learning foreign languages, educational programs and specifically the curricular from all countries of the world have begun to vary their contents and objectives towards a multicultural approach and plurilinguista. Coupled with this approach, processes globalized both informal and formal education, increased with the technological boom of the media, have been the essential key to promote the learning of German as a foreign language. Currently, the German as a foreign language is taught and learn around the world, from a social linguistic phenomenon that began in the 20th century on the basis of the transmission of culture, the character of the peoples and the thought of notable figures who expressed his thoughts, ideals, feelings and purposes through in his native tongue. On this basis, the German has become a language indicated by the recognition of its great thinkers, philosophers, writers and scientists. In this sense, beyond its relevance within the academic curriculum and context as an antecedent of professional validation and a very important advantage to work in Germany or anywhere in the world, it transcends its plasmadora essence of character and personality. Master the German language is the most valuable tool to soak up a cultural level that prestigie any form of personal and collective entrepreneurship. Within the European Union, the German language has more native speakers that any other language, still considered one of the most important foreign languages which exist in Europe. But, its relevance transcends these territorial limits and exceeds its linguistic regional functionality, resulting in many countries of the world, in response to a demand for learning has grown in overflowing shape over recent decades. In Viet Nam and Indonesia, for example, there is a high number of people who learn German, studying in Spain also influenced by its tradition and history.

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