Eating Away From Home Without Worries Quick Guide

You control your weight carefully and try to eat healthily? Then, as tearreglas when. Invite you to a dinner comes out instead of eating at home invite you to a party or celebration eat away your comfortable kitchen does not become a negative experience. In each situation, you can enjoy an abundant meal without endangering your health or your waist. It is to choose highly nutritious meals instead of junk food or cravings. Choose a restaurant that take care of you first choose a restaurant that not only offer menus loaded with carbohydrates, fat, sugar… Tricks Ponte a limit of two dishes. The natural choice is to dispense with the dessert. Skip the bread and butter prior to the meal.

The salad is the Queen, the more colorful, wider variety of nutrients you get. The salad dressings added about 200 calories, so it’s best to order them separately. It avoids the stews, frying, barbecues and roasts, since high temperatures and slow cooking destroy nutrients. Choose dishes whose method of preparation is coocion steamed, sauteed, grilled and boiled. Whenever possible, choose local, fresh, vegetables of the season.

The dilemma of meals at parties you have been invited to a party, and it is likely that the menu is not designed to keep the line. Wherever possible, called a few days earlier and very politely let know the hosts you need to avoid that kind of food, you can include some healthier options. Another alternative is filled with a Formula 1 shake half an hour before leaving, to help you stay away from the buffet. Alcohol, yes or no? The empty calories of fast absorbing are a good reason to say NO. A small glass of red or white wine has an average of 85-120 calories. 500 ml. blond beer can range between 150-300 calories. 500 ml of cider contains between 210-600 calories. 25 ml. of liquor may be between 50-80 calories. Some refreshing and healthy alternatives: water ice with juice of lima tea ice cream with lemon or lime, coffee ice cream with cinnamon, and herbal teas. The dry white wine is the one containing fewer calories. Susana washes, biologist, environmental consultant, health sciences.

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