Downhill Bike

The decline in mountain biking is a branch of bicycle sports where pilots go downhill, after certain intervals, the goal is to make the shortest time to the ends throughout the race. Pilots normally arrive at the point of origin by other means than cycling, such as elevators (like the Alpine ski lifts). The first mountain bike downhill time trial was held on October 22, 1976 on a fire road now known as Repack Road in Fairfax, California. Given that the sport was new, there was no standard mountain bike downhill with riders who participated assembled into bicycles that were called klunkers or Paperboy bike. The winner of the race was Bonds Alan, also the only one that has reached the finish line. The descent of mountain bikes, or simply known as downhill biking, are the bikes that are intended for this type of sport.

These bikes are built to last more than steep jumps and rough terrain they tend to be common in racing downhill. These bikes are more resistant than the usual mountain bikes and therefore heavier. The geometry of the frames, are more lying in comparison with other bikes and have full suspensions. The typical downhill bikes also have thicker tyres in counterpart to other bikes. Since the decline of bicycle is considered an extreme sport, extra caution is very important. Original author and source of the article.

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