II SAMUEL 13 1 However, Absalo, son of Davi, had a formosa sister, whose name was Tamar; occurred after some time that Amnom, son of Davi was fallen in love of it. 2 and Amnom was become distressed, until adoecer, for loving, its sister; therefore it was virgin, and it seemed impossible the Amnom to make thing some with it. 3 It had, however, Amnom a friend, whose name it was Jonadabe, son of Simia, brother of Davi; was Jonadabe sagacious man mui. 4 This asked to it: Why you of day for day in such a way emagreces, son of the king? you will not say me to me? Then Amnom answered it: I love the Tamar, sister of Absalo, my brother. 5 It became Jonadabe to it: It lies down to you in your bed, and dissimulates you sick; when to your to come to visit you father, you say to it: I ask for to you that my Tamar sister comes to give to me to eat, preparing the food ahead of my eyes, so that I see and eat of its hand. 6 It was lain down, therefore, Amnom, and was feigned sick. Come the king to visit it, Amnom said to it: I ask for to you that my Tamar sister ahead comes and prepares two cakes of my eyes, so that I eat of its hand.

7 Mandou, then, Davi the house, to say the Tamar: It goes the house of Amnom, your brother, and makes some food to it. 8 It was, therefore, Tamar the house of Amnom, its brother; it was lying. It took mass and, kneading it, she made cakes she ahead cozeu and them of its eyes. 9 and it took the pan, it ahead took off and them of it; however it refused to eat. said Amnom: You make to remove to all of my presence.

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