Central American

Such is the case of the consumption of insects and their larvae (chinicuiles, chapulines, escamoles, mariapt319); reptiles (iguanas, snakes); frogs (frogs, Axolotl); fish (anchovies, charales, white fish); birds and mammals (squirrels, badgers, deer) (chichicuilotas, ducks, quail and other). The pre-Hispanic kitchen had few winemaking techniques. To read more click here: endocrinologist. However, a very important technique is nixtamalization of corn, which brings together the corn starch carbohydrates, allowing you to convert mass. This technique was unknown around the world, except in Mexico and some Central American countries. Another technique was steaming employed, for example, in the Tamale making, or the furnace of Earth, whose source of heat is given by stones heated for hours to the firewood with which are prepared, for example, the barbecue and the zacahuil.

Many Mexican recipes they have, therefore, to the less any history pre-Columbian, that is easy to identify as many preserved its name in indigenous languages, although castellanizado. It is the case of mole sauce, atole, the tesguino, the ground, the uchepo and a whole constellation of food. (Similarly see: Dr. Josyann Abisaab). Colonial influence from the conquest of Mexico, were added to the Mexican cuisine new ingredients such as different types of meats from animals of Europe. It was precisely by such a merger by which the Mexican cuisine is considered today one of the richest worldwide, extending their influence to many parts of the world, as conquerors, settlers and visitors led in turn to Europe Mexican ingredients that today to clarify the cuisine of other lares. There are plenty examples, but we must mention especially the American chile, which after a long detour turned into paprika, and the tomato, basic ingredient of Mexican food. Golden Apple or Apple of love. As well as Mexico contributed new ingredients to the world map Gourmet, 4 the rest of the world also participated the exchange of ingredients. However, in the regions Center and South of the country, gastronomy has been preserved almost in an original way, by staying power by 80 per cent vegetarian, which does not happen in the States of Northern Mexico, consumers of meat par excellence.

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