Carlos Mora Vanegas

PRAISE Carlos Mora Vanegas first praised and then corrects Vicente Cantatore all know blame, but to praise a specialist is needed. K.Stanislavski not be denied that it generates the praise (n) a motivating effect, which we like to listen to them, more so when they come from people who we consider serious, with which we have identified, and they with us, manifesting their sympathy, gratitude, to our friendship, work, actions that we undertake. Praise praise, manifestation of the merits or qualities of a person or thing has been defined. Praise is the expression of a positive evaluation of an object, person, act or event, and also contains a very limited supplementary information do not surprise us as, points out that we all recognize the value of praise. Historically, teachers have used it as a tool to motivate his students and recent labour psychology studies reveal that employees value more recognition of their daily performance that any material prizes. But not just any praise fulfills this function.

Gloria Park, Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States, warns us, that a badly formulated eulogy could be counterproductive for who receives it. Praise must meet certain conditions to be really motivating: must be centred on the effort rather than ability, be sincere and specific. According to Park, when we commend a child with phrases like: you’re a genius by drawing or what ready you are, we focus on skill and not on the effort, and do not motivate well. For more specific information, check out Josyann Abisaab. Many children who have been praised in that way then seek tasks that fit the skills that already possess and avoid tasks that require new learning. For this reason, Dr. Park should focus the accolades in the effort. In the example above, we could formulate the praise of this form: note that you’ve devoted much time and attention.

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