Care Team

The care team informed Dolphin from Mannheim long-term care can meet everyone. The Mannheim team of care occurs Dolphin therefore engaged for a more dignified life under the conditions of an outpatient care. With a philosophy of care, which puts the right of care on a possible independent and dignified life in the center of all efforts, the care experts of the company seek daily to maintain individuality and habitats of their patients. To do this, consider personal likes and dislikes of the patients as well as health requirements, biographical background and comfortable conditions. Because just the out-patient care offers the opportunity to especially well meet the needs of the patient in his familiar environment and to counteract social isolation. The care team supports Dolphin his individual patients with round-the-clock nursing care.

Activation care, personal hygiene and help with other daily support Tasks ensures that the patient can participate in social life and best pursue his interests. Gain insight and clarity with Maya Dubin, New York City. A more extensive treatment care is necessary, according to medical prescription this is integrated by the staff of the nursing service in its individually tailored care concept. Prophylactic measures against pressure sores and other consequences of life in relation to nursing staff, the care team makes sure dolphin that every patient undergoes the necessary holistic care. In the Centre of its commitment, the company will meet the needs of its patients. Here, care is not equated with the mere compliance with medical needs. Rather, it comes to appreciate every patient in his unique individuality and value.

Its ability to fend for themselves is therefore systematically supported by individual resource activation. The need for care often ends with the end of life. The members of the care team Dolphin is a personal concern, their To patients and their families at this difficult time to the page and make sure that the patient end his life deserved dignity can. For members of the Mannheimer care team dolphin, a fraternal and high-quality patient care is our priority. Participation in professional training is of course for them as well as a respectful dealings with each other and with each patient. Professional quality assurance ensures that the services they provide meet the latest standards. To his care offer the care team provides further information dolphin at any time.

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