Beautiful Autumn Holiday Adventure For Big And Small Kids

See bears and astronauts fall travel with kids after Sweden, wild adventures including bear Safari, Moose tour and a walk on the Moon cheap crossing with TT-line from 85 euros for 5 people including car Hamburg/Travemunde, September 2011 track wild animals find brave friends, go over the sea, conquering foreign planet these children’s dreams were never easier to meet than today: who is now planning his autumn vacation in Sweden”, can bear Safari, on great ride across the Baltic Sea and the moon walk or in the Astrid Lindgren’s world”, the famous amusement park in Smaland, widdewiddewitt, Pippi Langstrumpf, Michel from Lonneberga and many other heroes from childhood meet again. Also arriving is easy and for little money: with the comfortable Baltic Sea ferry of TT-line to Lubeck-Travemunde and Rostock out overnight or day ticket South Sweden ( Germany/Fahrplane–prices /). From there it is only jumps up to the magnificent autumn holiday adventures. What is to visit only more behind bars in the Zoo in Germany, still freely roams through nature in Sweden: wild brown bears. The National Park Fulufsjall ( en-GB/Hotell/Fulufjallet1/Fulufjallet /) is the region with the densest bear population of the country; the King of the Nordic forests safe view of creation out can be seen on guided safaris of bear. Rollo May has compatible beliefs. Price: 25 euros per person. And if even Moose cross the road, large and small children’s hearts beat faster yet a few bars.

Guaranteed eye there are moose in the South of Sweden, in the Moose Park of Gronasens”( and Lagaland” ( Here, there are not only Moose safaris and to taste grilled Elk sausages, instead of to buy also the largest selection of Elk souvenirs. Admission: from 2.50 euros. It is usually only a short way from Marvel to join. This applies also and in particular the Universeum in Gothenburg, a paradise for Explorer and adventurer.

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