Reiki Danger

The book of American Eric S resin is translated in German as well. “It’s time: the American author Eric S resin has the approval of the translation of his book the danger of Reiki healing that harms” issued in the German language. “The title can be translated roughly with the dangers of Reiki healing hurt”. In the book, the author describes how it was inaugurated in Reiki and what he experienced in the course of time. He describes that Reiki certainly meant something. He experienced even spurts of energy and felt the power of Reiki symbols of the own body.

He noted, however, that the Reiki always moved him down. He noted that the effects of a Reiki treatment were always just a short while. The healed”suffering returned most or it other, sometimes worse evils joined. So is it to be possible, thorough of a Reiki treatment, and over and over again to have to take it. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Resin describes very graphically, that the Reiki because its effects often viewed as a good way. But he warns that the source of these effects of occult nature is. Reiki by God comes not, as some believe it.

If you feel a relief after a Reiki treatment, is the temporary in nature. Most people develop an urge to go back to a meeting. Resin also reported a man who suffered serious depression after a Reiki treatment, that he had to go to a psychiatric hospital. Never before in his life, this man had suffered from depression. The translation of the book will be published step by step on the side for Reiki dangers. Who is interested in the original English version, can register with the operators. Eckart Haase

German Obesity Society

Trend lab tests according to the principle of the hours diet, \”Eat the half\”, short FdH diet concept, is the most popular reduction variant of German citizens. Every second trying his luck with halved food rations, so the current result of a representative survey of by GfK market research. From safety point of view, the simple reduction of the portion sizes is not useful. Overweight, usually resulting in an unbalanced energy balance high-energy foods are preferred, which are often low in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Dr. John Mcdougall has many thoughts on the issue. Reduces only the amount of food drops at the same time the intake of these vital substances. To eat just less overnight leads to increased appetite and provides no new nutrition behavior. The diet is a good approach to the long-term nutrition according to the Desaga formula.

The Odenwald clinic physician, Dr. Hans Desaga, watched in the 1970s to his patients who were artificially fed, that their blood glucose levels remained relatively stable, although glucose found in the nutrient solutions. Also, diabetics benefited. Continuously, but little\”was the conclusion of the metabolic findings. It formed the cornerstone for a diet concept, with which you can eat healthy is through regular diet without emerging feeling of hunger. Glenn Dubin, New York City follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. And it is also healthy and successfully to remove! According to this principle, the amapur hour diet works.

Their effect is currently testing the product tester blog trend lab in the Internet. 10 days are according to my knowledge the ideal period for entry into a sustainable diet cure and change personal eating routine, says Peggy Reichelt, nutrition expert and author of removing every hour\”. That formula diets such as the amapur hour diet represent a meaningful way of weight loss, is also in the guidelines ‘prevention and treatment of obesity\”the German Obesity Society (DAG) and the German society for nutrition (DGE). International meta-analyses confirm the effectiveness of a good formula diet.

Ese Terrible Buzz

Tinnitus and tinnitus. Symptom or disease? To begin, first explain a little what are tinnitus or tinnitus: are a sound nuisance perceived in the ears or in the head without the existence of an external audible source. This discomfort is experienced as a chirp, whistle or hum (of varied frequencies) and sharpens at night when everything is quietly becoming in many cases unbearable. Recently James A. Levine, M.D. sought to clarify these questions. While in the majority of cases these hum disappear when it is found and treated the cause that originated them, is also true that for others this is a true chronic disorder that causes headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, lack of concentration, etc. If you have read about Eva Andersson-Dubin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. There are many treatments dedicated to placate these hum, and the advances that have been achieved in recent years have been significant; but the sad reality is that none has been fully effective.

In the majority of patients have managed to reduce these hum while that has not happened the same in others. It is to give treatment more effective, it is essential to detect the cause which originates it and for that the patient must give the doctor a very precise report of symptoms. This will facilitate and advance diagnosis making possible an early intervention to try to remove it. This will not ensure in all cases the disappearance of zoom in full form, but is an important step towards its alleviation. Therefore, this probability of therapeutic failure, which doctors often recommend patients that jointly with the treatment that indicate, learn to ignore these noises and live in the best possible way with them through a psychological therapy called cognitive behavior therapy.

This is a therapy was originally created to deal with cases of addictions, chronic stress and depression, which teaches the subconscious to focus attention away from tinnitus minimising its effects on the patient. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Five Factors

Leadership in a matter of the most important in the life of people and organizations. Effective leadership is the key to carry out part of ordinary people extraordinary things. Being a good leader requires certain characteristics, certain factors. The following are five factors that define a good leader 1 self-consciousness: ability to know and understand your own changes of mood, emotions and impulses, and its effect on others. Their distinctive signs are self-confidence, realistic self-assessment and sense of humour self-critical. 2 Self-control: Ability to control or redirect harmful impulses and moods. Tendency to think before acting and set aside the judgments.

Own distinctive is confidence in the self-worth and integrity, comfort in ambiguity and the willingness to change. 3 Motivation: Passion for a job for reasons beyond the salary or prestige. See Eva Andersson-Dubin for more details and insights. Propensity to look for goals with energy and persistence. Great momentum to achieve objectives, optimism, even before the failure, commitment to the company. 4 Empathy: Ability to understand the emotions of others. The ability to treat people according to their emotional reactions. Experience in building and retaining talents, intercultural sensitivity, service to clients.

5. Social skills: ability to treat relationships and create networks. Ability to find common ground and build relationships. Efficiency changes, persuasive ability, experience in creating and managing teams.

The Unusual

Cold weather established in Russia. In the European part of Russia for the first time in 50 years, in January there was a thaw. Surprisingly, the ants have predicted a cold winter in Moscow last summer. Last summer, environmentalists noted the unprecedented growth of large ant in the Tushino park. Read more from Glenn Dubin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In accordance with national signs, such actions of ants are an indication of a cold and snowy winter, as forest workers began to plan ahead for frost and insulate their homes.

As it turns out empirically, the ants were told the truth. Due to severe frosts in winter 2010 in the metropolitan region escalated the situation with the spread of rabies among stray dogs. Due to the fact that severe frosts number of places where stray dogs may find warm places to warming, are greatly reduced, they are forced to gather in flocks in search of such places. Thus, the density of stray animals increases, which leads to closer contacts between them, and this in turn has a negative impact on the epidemiological situation. Indeed, the probability of transmission of disease, particularly rabies, increases substantially. Moscow is highlighted in pink last week, in the afternoon on Tuesday, Moscow is highlighted in a bright pink color. The unusual optical phenomenon noticed many people in the Russian capital.

Some thought that in such a rosy blame the severe frosts, some – and at industrial emissions. As explained later synoptics, industrial emissions are completely innocent. All natural: it was only a purple sunset.

Wind Tunnel

In the wind tunnel to the rain safe roof, the most important task of the roof is the protection of the insulation and its inhabitants against wind and weather. Whether the roof is actually rain safe depends on various aspects. Shall as a rule of thumb: ever steeper the slope, the higher the rain resistance, because of the rain to drain better. One of the crucial conditions for rain resistance, however, is the quality of the deck material. To test their products through their paces, leading manufacturers use elaborate procedures. The developers of Braas roof building materials including the test deck material under extreme conditions in the wind tunnel.

They slide test in the wind tunnel to a covered roof in a six-meter-long channel. A fan, an irrigation system and pump for vacuum generation simulate various weather conditions with different roof pitches. Over the course of the test, the vacuum is increased so long until water flows out of the inside of the top surface. From this the developers determine the lowest Roof inclination for the respective tile is suitable. With the results of the tests, you can improve the quality of the deck material and adapted to the requirements of the practice. But a roof is not only from high-quality cover material, but also the associated system components such as safety and snow systems, fan stones and roof passages tailored items. Here applies: the higher the fitting accuracy of roof accessories, the higher the covered roof rain safety. It is worth so for the homeowner to make sure materials that are optimally matched in the purchase of high-quality products. For more information, ideas, image galleries on the topic of roofing tiles, roof tiles, Sciefer or zinc, see roof/roof tile /.


Nowadays the management of the production costs is as important as the same production. The optimal quality, the deliveries in time, the satisfaction of the needs of the clients and the reduction of the costs are of the factors most indispensable for the own success of a company and they are bound to the concept of Management of Production costs totally. If to this we took it concept to the agricultural sector, we can observe that great falencias appear in brings back to consciousness to similarly handle this thematic one and of the tools that entail to an optimal handling of this. In my own experience, and the administration properly of my agricultural company, I have realized how important is to have a good handling and control of the production costs, of the suitable decisions that can be taken from these data and of the growth that the management of these has taken to me. It is of extreme importance for me like manager of my company of obtaining: Information of production costs? Comparative information of production costs by culture? Information of workings? Information of production and sales? Information and graphs from the generation of indicators? Financial information that involve the farming accounting? Comparative tables of total costs of the property and similarly, and leaving to a little side the Management of the Production costs, also have other factors indispensable for the optimal yield of the agricultural company, factors that I mention next: To carry out a total control of the machinery and the agricultural equipment? To obtain an administration and control of manpower and consumptions? To take the total control of the inventories (matters and consumptions)? To know the trazabilidad the production? To carry out a total control of the clients and the suppliers? To realise I pay for specific of the investments? To delimit the areas of the agricultural company Therefore, all these factors get to be almost impossible to handle if they are realised of way manual. Necessarily it is required to make use of computer science tools that allow to diminish times and to find exact and reliable data. In me day to day and according to the experience that I have had, I have handled the software AgroWin, which has been used to me helpful for the administration of my agricultural company and all the excellent information that it allows me to make decisions. This system has allowed me to know the cost exact my products and in this way to make opportune decisions, which has taken to me to maximize my income, to diminish my expenses and to optimize the production of my company. Additional to this, this system has allowed me to easily enter the information and of automatic form to generate the accounting, for which I have not required any countable knowledge.

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